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Jess Preece

Professional makeup artist specialising in hair and wig making, makeup, sculpting and mold making. 


Special effects makeup artist
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About Me

I have 5 years experience working and studying special effects makeup which has given me a wide variety of skills. From 2015 to 2020 my style, goals, and skills have developed from Da Vinci inspired work around bone and muscle structure, to  creating prosthetic limbs for amputees. From Cardiff and currently at the University of Bolton studying BDes(Hons) Special Make Up Effects for Film & TV, I work as a freelance makeup artist specialising in multiple SFX elements including hair and wig making, makeup, and sculpting / mold making. I am on track to finish my last year of University with a First and will then Study Human Biology to give me the knowledge and qualifications to create medical prosthetic limbs for amputees. 

special effects makeup

My portfolio shows my various recent projects in multiple SFX elements including hair and wig making, makeup, and sculpting / mold making.

Education and Experiance


Throughout A Level art my main focus was human anatomy, drawing in the early Da Vinci style meant I was able to direct my work around the bone and muscle structures of the human body.  
Completing a lot of life drawings throughout A level was a particular favourite of mine, as it meant I was able to fully experience the subject I was drawing whilst capturing the personality of the model, exposure to sunlight/shadows and the overall rawness you experience when drawing a person from life.

2018 -Current

Alongside working as a freelance makeup artist, I’m currently entering my final year of university studying Special Makeup Effects for Film & TV. Choosing to study a specific degree meant I was able to focus closely on my strongest elements working with hair/ wig making, makeup SFX and sculpting/mold making. 
With only one year left My goal is to sculpt, cast and paint a human torso on a large scale for my final major project. Incorporating elements of life casting and the use of medical photos for reference. 
I hope to graduate University of Bolton with a first, and focus my career path on creating prosthetic limbs for amputees.


During my year studying production arts makeup I was able to experiment and experience what it is like to work as a member of a production team. Learning and understanding different industry roles meant I was able to witness how fast paced the creative industry can be. 
Throughout the year I learnt how to apply basic tv and film special effects, alongside a variety of period hair and makeup, hair knotting and elements of prosthetics.  
Using my spare time in college to gain valuable work experience on set for the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. As my first time working on set I was able to pick up tips and tricks off experienced makeup artists whilst getting hands on in recreating hair and makeup for a Victorian style play.

BDes(Hons) Special Make Up Effects for Film & TV

  • Year one- 2:1
  • Year two- 1:1
  • Graduation Prediction ( June 2021)- 1:1 

Jess Preece SFX


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